Dr. Christopher Brown


Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Brown has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine since 2019. A long term resident of Northwestern Ontario, Dr Brown grew up in Thunder Bay, completing his undergraduate at Lakehead University in Kinesiology before starting his studies in Toronto for naturopathic medicine. Upon graduation in 2018, he completed his licensing examinations to become a registered naturopathic doctor and moved to Kenora to be with his wife and family.

Dr Brown has enjoyed every bit of practice as a naturopath in Northwestern Ontario. The client base in his practice he has been an absolute pleasure to work for and he continues to endeavor to provide the highest quality naturopathic care on a daily basis to all his patients. Socially, Dr Brown has found Kenora to be one of the warmest (not literally) and most welcoming communities he has ever lived. Getting involved in the community through Trylight Theater, Kenora Borealis Multisport Group, The Kenora Dinner Jacket’s Improv Group and The Canadian Ski Patrol (to name a few!) has been very enriching and rewarding for his day to day life.

Dr. Brown is proud to announce an addition location in Dryden for his private practice in additional to the services he provides in Kenora as a means to better serving the area of Northwestern Ontario.

The Process of Naturopathic Medicine

Dedicated to service of humanity as a practitioner of both science and art

By precept, I hold education above all else. I believe that the best way to assist my patients is through encouragement and strengthening their own personal beliefs in natural medicines. So how does this play out if you have never been to a naturopath before? It's more about the process than the actual outcome in most cases. I do not boil what I do down into supplements, diet and tinctures but rather a holistic assessment of the person infront of me and determine how can I best support them on their healing journey. 

This often puts, you the patient into a more actively engaged role in your healthcare. The goal here is improved automony and satifsaction with the results achieved. This is healthcare beyond treating sickness. Regular follow-ups with your naturopath after we treat your primary issue can help ensure long-term success of your goals and the plan we set in place. Execution of a plan should never be just blindly following the practitioners orders. The process of collaboration is a shared goal for the future of your health that requires buy-in and investment. 

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The Value of an Interdisciplinary Focus

Collaboration, associations, and perspective are paramount to your health

I often consider how and when a patient is accessing my serves as part of assessment process. Naturopathy alone can offer a patient a lot of support when it comes to treating symptoms and conditions. It is always imporant to acknowledge and regard the journey the patient has been on or is current on when accessing serves as well. I value interaction and communication with your other care providers deeply for many reasons. It allows me to gain valuable insight into how you are being supported by others who have a shared goal that I do, improve the life of my patient. 

Your opinions and thoughts about the process you have been on matter to me. They will be discussed in detail and as a team we will formulate new options to consider or embolden the ones you are already journeying down. 

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